This is the news you've been waiting for.

The Lost Island is nearly complete. The reveal trailer will be posted by October 15th.

More information will be made available closer to the release of the reveal trailer. As for now, enjoy some new never before seen screenshots.

The section below is a picture of the main island and moving the slider will allow you to see the same scene during the day and late at night.


Yes. You read correctly, it's almost done. Here's some more information.

I am proud to announce that the game is close to completion. The (PC) release date is December 31st. This gives me the time to put the finishing touches on.

Currently – The Lost Island will only be on PC. It will eventually be ported to Xbox One.

The Lost Island includes about one hour of playable content. There are achievements.

The Lost Island is technically chapter zero of Horesion Prelude – the larger game. It serves as a proof of concept and first in the wild playable demo.

Game development isn’t easy – especially when you’re holding yourself to such a high standard. You can help by sharing the information & helping me get it out there. Share this link & when it’s available – share the trailer.

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